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Denise Davidson Mistich, owner of Spiritual Health Source and Tell Me About God,  is an ordained minister and author who writes from 10+ years of experience in working with people in recovery from addiction and depression. Her own personal journey out of the darkness of depression is quite a testimony and she shares it in an upcoming book The Upside Down Heart, previously published as The Life Cycle. She also writes children’s books, teaching them the importance of listening to the voice of God.


DrAndrewssDr. Andrews received her M.D. from Penn State University Milton S. Hershey Medical College. After completing her pediatric internship and adult psychiatry residency she did Fellowships in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine in the San Francisco Bay area. She helps her patients recover physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her published work includes How to Build a Happy, Healthy Downline and Maximize Your Income: Downline DynamicsDownline Dynamics is a workbook, designed to help marketers and business men and women overcome emotional hindrances that bind them to failure. She is currently co-authoring You Don’t Have to Be Sick with Margery Phelps.




2216c96Margery Phelps, co-author of Hot #1 Best Seller, A Juicy Joyful Life, shares her God given wisdom to help people live well. A native of Atlanta, this southern belle has learned the meaning of life through invaluable life lessons and spiritual giftings from God. When the gift of prophecy caught her off guard, she turned to counselors for guidance. Her book, Chasing the Wind, is based on her remarkable journey as she learned the truth behind her  spiritual gifts. Other published work includes Mighty Me and the Rainbow Plate and You Don’t Have to Be Sick, coming soon and previously published as New Life…Naturally.



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