Overcoming Fear

Fear Destroys Faith Restores

Fear Destroys – Faith Restores

Let’s find out what we’re afraid of.

Fear is the root of all negative emotions. It holds many people back from achieving their goals and even from enjoying life.

In our Fearfully Made – Not Made Fearful audio series, you will learn where fear originated and how it can control you, cripple you and even kill you (literally) if you let it.

More importantly, you will learn how to take control and trample that fear by injecting God’s word into your thoughts. The image to the left represents our thought process and how you can change your feelings and emotions by injecting His word.

Walking through these lessons will put you miles ahead in your journey toward spiritual health. You will grow closer to God. The result will be improved relationships, courage to fulfill your God-give purpose and even, better health.

Part I

In Part I, we took an in-depth look at the origin of fear. We also talked about the damage fear can do to your body. Listen in and let’s begin our journey toward freedom from fear.

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Part II

Fear is holding us back, tying us down and even killing us, but we’re learning to overcome it on The Healing Room – Christian Radio for the Whole Woman.  In this lesson, we’ll trample fear with the word of God. You truly were fearfully made, not made to be fearful, so tune in and let’s get past it.

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Part III

We have learned that we were created with fear, but why?  Who should we fear, and is there such a thing as healthy fear?

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Part IV

The Bible tells us that perfect love casts out all fear.  But what is perfect love?  Well, we know from scripture that if you’re being held back by fear, you’re not walking in it. Let’s learn how to stay wrapped up in God’s protective, perfect love.

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Bonus Episode

The Energy of Fear and Faith PLUS Discussion on Anxiety Attacks.

The Energy of Fear and Faith

If you walk in fear, you are energized by that fear and so is everything around you.  If you walk in faith, you are energized by that faith and so is everything around you.

If you walk in faith combined with the love and the presence of the Almighty God, you are walking in the same power that created the universe.