The Healing Room - Christian Radio for the Whole Woman, Spirit, Mind and Body

The Healing Room, Christian Radio for the Whole Woman, hosted by Denise Davidson Mistich, brings inspiration from the Bible for the whole woman: spirit, mind, and body. Regular guest Janiece C. Andrews, M.D., brings nature’s ingredients for healthy living.

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Enter The Healing Room with expectation! Listen to real life stories about God’s healing power. Build up your faith for life’s journey through the power of the Holy Spirit. Get free from depression and anxiety through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Live well!

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Who is Denise Davidson Mistich?

Davidson Mistich, author and ordained minister, delivers a healing message for the spirit, mind, and body. She teaches women to live above the darkness of depression, the agony of anxiety and the tyranny of terror.

Mistich has worked in the recovery ministry for over ten years. She is the author of a Bible study guide outlining her personal healing journey out of the shadows of chronic depression. She has also written books for children encouraging them to listen to the voice of God.

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Meet Janiece C. Andrews, M. D.

Janiece C. Andrews, MD, is a board-certified Psychiatrist with specialties in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatic and Integrative Medicine. In addition to her medical school education, Dr. Andrews has extended her studies and borders to be responsive to the needs and expectations of her patients because “they are looking for answers and for ways to take charge of their health.” You can learn more about her practice here.

Music Matters!

We want to offer a special thanks to Doug Mathis, co-author with Jason Jordon of patriotic song America. His professional style is obvious. His anointing even more so. Stop by his website or find him on facebook and give encouragement.

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