Health and Wellness for Every Woman

God excluded no one in His promise for health and wellness.


Women seem to get a bad lot in life sometimes. Health and wellness seems out of reach. There is a spiritual reason for that. There’s a spiritual reason for everything. We want to look at womanhood from a spiritual perspective at Spiritual Health Source. Once we have a better understanding of woman’s purpose, we’ll better understand this question::

Why the attack on Women?

Men were created to plant seed. Women were created to bear fruit. God has an enemy. The enemy doesn’t care about you. He cares about your fruit. (Genesis 1-3)

If women were set free to bring forth the good things God intended, the world would be a beautiful place. Our offspring, whether physical or spiritual children, ministry, art, business or even that poem you’ve been thinking of writing is fruit. Peace, love, joy, faith are fruit. Wisdom is fruit. Health and wellness are fruit. We want to see you prosper in bearing this fruit.

In Order to Bear Fruit, You Must Plant

I said men were created to plant seed. They plant seed with their bodies and with their words. So does God. He plants his word as though it were seed. In order to bear the fruit God intended, you must receive the right seed, or the right words. Watch carefully what you allow into your mind and your spirit. Turn off the television and put down that magazine. Ask Jesus to tell you the truth. Remember, Truth is what we’re after. (Matthew 13)

Take Care of the Vessel

Your body is God’s temple. Once you’ve received His seed, His word, you are carrying a valuable possession. Your spiritual baby, if you will. Take care of the vessel by feeding on spiritual food – the Word of God. Combine this with healthy foods and exercise. Learn to prevent sickness and disease in your body and achieve health and wellness the natural way, avoiding harmful medications whenever you can. God has an antidote for every poison. Dr. Andrews will help you find it.

Bear the Fruit and Share the Gift

Giving birth is painful but you can’t keep that spiritual baby locked inside you forever. Health and wellness will come when you overcome your fear of mankind and bear fruit, God’s fruit, for the benefit of others. It will bring health and wellness. It’s your purpose and we will help you live it.

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